2017 Cam Connect Event Programme

CAMBRIDGE NETWORK LTD Ruth Carter First Degree: BA Hons Media with Cultural Studies from Southampton Solent University Area of work: Recruitment Ruth works supporting Claire Angus running the Recruitment Gateway. She looks after the Recruitment Gateways extensive candidate database, assisting candidates with their job search and pointing them in the direction of suitable vacancies. Ruth uses social media as a tool to communicate with candidates around the globe, whilst promoting and filling our members jobs. She also assists with the running of events for the recruitment gateway such as the jobs fair and recruitment events as well as creating and sending out the weekly jobs letter. INNOVIA TECHNOLOGY Anna Wilson First Degree: Veterinary Medicine, with a Part II in Neuroscience, University of Cambridge Area of work: Innovation consultancy – currently mainly life science based projects I came into Innovation Consultancy though Veterinary medicine – you may think this is somewhat unusual. What I particularly enjoyed about the Vet Med course was the breadth and scientific focus of the undergrad course. At the clinical school, I realised that practicing Veterinary Medicine wouldn’t enable me to engage with the areas of the subject that I find interesting – mainly the fundamental science of how the body works and thinking about areas of the life sciences that are poorly understood (I think this is why I like Neuroscience). Innovia enables me to explore many different areas of science and be creative with a practical goal in mind – delivering something that actually brings value to the client. This suits me much better than practical veterinary medicine and it turns out that the breadth of knowledge/skills that I learnt on the Veterinary Medicine course provides a flexibility which is quite useful to Innovia.

INNOVIA TECHNOLOGY Peter Bullock First Degree: MSci Natural Sciences (Chemistry) at Cambridge Area of work: Innovation consultancy Chemistry was my subject. I’d done well, but had no idea where it might take me. The only thing I knew was that it would be a shame not to use the chemistry I’d spent so many hours learning. After my Master's studying the reactions responsible for the browning of steak, I joined Innovia Technology, enticed by the chance to use chemistry every day and work for the world’s best companies, setting my mind to some of their toughest challenges. That was then, and this is now. I’ve been at Innovia for four years, am now a project manager, and I’ve learnt more than I ever thought I’d need to know about engine oil, contact lens manufacture, inkjet printheads, food and drink, heartburn medications, and much, much, more besides.My colleagues are great. They come from a variety of backgrounds—physicists, engineers, psychologists, economists, designers. The things they have in common are skill and talent. INNOVIA TECHNOLOGY Wendy Niu First Degree: Natural Sciences at Cambridge Higher Degree: PhD in Physics at Cambridge Area of work: Innovation consultancy Dr.Wendy Niu graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Physics before going on to do a PhD in Nanophotonics. Since 2014, she has worked as an innovation consultant for Innovia Technology, where she has worked on projects across industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

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