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included in the monthly rate) • Emergency call system which allows a resident to access help 24 hours a day Some continuing care facili- ties offer independent retirement options for indi- viduals who choose not to pay entrance or endowment fees (monthly rental option). The only limitation is access to various levels of care. No guarantee exists for admission to the cam- pus CBRF or skilled nurs- ing unit. 2. Independent Senior Living - Usually apartment type settings catering to independent older adults. Also included are condo- miniums for older adults. Income guidelines - Some facilities offer below market rental rates if an individual’s or couple’s income falls below certain limits. 3. Subsidized Housing - For information on Subsidized housing, please see page 160.

hen making a decision regarding housing options, there are a number of factors to consider. Senior housing options range widely in terms of services and amenities offered. Location of a facility is many times the most impor- tant factor when looking for housing options. Although pricing is an important factor, it should not be the only factor in making a housing decision. Please note that pricing information is not included in this directory. It is very important to understand the fees structure of a facility for comparison purposes.

This directory lists the follow- ing options: 1. Retirement Communities - Self contained housing com- munities designed for older adults which may offer struc- tured activities, dining, and supportive services. Retirement communities are broken out into the following categories: Continuing Care Communities - A continuing care community offers vari- ous levels of care to its resi- dents under one roof. Continuing care communi- ties may charge an endow- ment or entrance fee which guarantees admission to the different levels of care it offers. Monthly fees vary based on the level of care needed. Each continuing care community offers differ- ent endowment and entrance fee programs. Many fees are now refundable on a percent- age basis. Independent Retirement Communities: Independent retirement com- munities are apartment like settings which offer numer- ous amenities to residents. Individuals must be able to care for themselves in this setting. For this directory, indepen- dent retirement communities at a minimum provide the following amenities: • Optional meal plan (or

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