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Renaissance Senior Living of Hilldale offers potential residents a free call YKVJ 'NFGT 4GUQWTEG $GPGƂVU %QPUWNVKPI '4$% '4$% URGEKCNK\GU KP CUUKUVKPI XGVGTCPU and their families with the application for VA pension with Aid & Attendance, which can help offset some of the costs associated with assisted living, if SWCNKƂGF A 30-minute call at your convenience is all it takes to see if you or your loved QPG SWCNKƂGU Do not delay in scheduling your free call, CU C OQPVJoU FGNC[ KU C OQPVJoU NQUV RC[ %CNN VQ UGNGEV C VKOG VJCV YQTMU HQT [QW

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