(p.1-41) HK034-Fujian

4153 1949 Two covers to USA, each bearing The 22nd Anniv. of Chinese People’s Liberation Army $370 emerald green (Yang EC446), one tied by bilingual ‘FOOCHOW’ cds another with bilingual ‘SHANGHAI’ cds, plus a piece with Tientsin print, Train and Postal Runner $10 ultramarine (Yang EC410) tied by commemorative cancel. Photo HK$ 800 - 1,000 Ex. 4153

Ex. 4154

4154 1950 Three printed covers all bearing San Yick print, Chairman Mao issues, all sent from Foochow to USA, and each tied by bilingual ‘FOOCHOW’ cds, average. Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,500

Ex. 4155

4155 1950 (30 Oct.) A cover from Foochow to USA, bearing (R1) Tien An Men $1,000 tied by bilingual ‘FOOCHOW’ cds, fine. Plus another from Foochow to Singapore, bearing (R1) Tien An Men $2,000 stamp defective and SC1 $100 and $1,000, tied by ‘FOOCHOW’ cds, heaving soiling and worm hole. Photo HK$ 500 - 700


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