Acacia Ponds JOurnal


Hello Acacia Ponds Village,

Welcome to the first edition of the Acacia Ponds Paper, your new monthly newsletter.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ben Dawson and I have recently been appointed as the Village Manager and have recently moved into the village with my fami- ly — wife Claire, Son Jobe and my 2 Beagles. Firstly I would like to thank all the residents for their support over the last few weeks, its been very humbling to know that many of you wanted me to be your village Manager. Please be aware that I will still be doing the Groundsman work as well as office work and so I appreciate everyone's patience while I adjust to my new role. I would also like to thank David Hoffman and the team at Hampshire Villages for this great opportunity. Hampshire Villages are an Australian owned family company with 8 other villages located across N.S.W, Victoria and W.A. Now to community news, I would like to welcome new residents Diane Pryor in number 17 and Diane Wilks in number 86, please make our new residents feel welcome in our vil- lage and say hi.

With the warmer months approaching please be aware that snakes will be on the move, with a couple of red-bellied black snakes already being sighted.

Over the next few pages you will find Social Club news, a Bus Report, Calendar, Whats on locally and a Library Report.

Thanks goes to Geoff Brown for the Social Club Report, Jeanette Deane for the Bus Re- port and Marlene Knowles for the Library Report.

Any resident that has something that they wish to contribute to the Acacia Ponds Paper whether a poem, photo’s, jokes, even a story etc., please feel free to email it to me at any time at or drop it into the office.

Until next month,

Ben Dawson

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