Anaphylaxis Workbook 2SEP17

Last actions – After the incident


• Communicate details of the emergency incident • Convey casualty’s details to emergency services accurately • Details of casualty’s condition and first aid management activities are accurately conveyed to emergency services/relieving personnel, in a manner that recognises that it is time critical • Emergency services/relieving personnel includes:

 Doctor  Nurse

 Paramedic  Ambulance  First aider

• Provide the incident details to the parent/carer



Evaluate the response to the anaphylaxis incident in accordance with workplace policies and procedures:

• Assess the first aid treatment provided in accordance with the organisational emergency response procedures and the casualty’s ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis • Assess the first aider’s and workplace’s response to the emergency incident • Identify any possible changes or improvements to the response • Evaluate any debriefing processes • Recognise the need for refresher training • Fulfil the requirements for replacement of the adrenaline autoinjector


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