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9-1-1 Coordinator


Street Addressing

Date: 29 December 2015

Warren County Communications is currently in the process of reviewing it's street address databases. It is imperative that these databases be 100% accurate in order to affect a proper response to emergencies.

Your assistance is needed to ensure this process is thorough and 100% accurate.

Attached please find two database print-outs; 1) Street Locator database and 2) CAD Address database.

The CAD Address database provides us the primary police, fire and EMS response agency to an entered address into our CAD system. This database does not take into account special alerting procedures for primary responses, just which agency is the primary responsibility. The Street Locator database provides much more information, it provides us the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Due police, fire and EMS responses to a particular street. it also provides directions to the street as well as other descriptive street information. This database also does not list special alerting procedures; this information is found in our Agency Locator and information is provided by the userlagency's.

Some of the information we have come across that is not aligning between the two databases are number ranges, developments and the Ist, 2nd and 3rd Due responses.. Just to name a few.

Your assistance is needed to review and fill in or correct any misinformation listed for each street in your town. It will require you to meet with your respective police, fire and EMS chief officers to confirm the currently listed information. The process for this updating will be to make any corrections or fill in the blanks with RED ink and all agency chief officers, the mayor and yourself will be required to sign off on the attached document. Please feel free to make copies however please return all original documents with the sign off page to us. Any questions or assistance regarding this project please feel free to contact the following individuals: Gretchen Castner 908-835-2137 or 911files@co.warreninj.us or pcastnere.comarren.nieus Joe Fox Jr. 908-835-2120 orjjfox@co.warren.nj.us Lt. Gary Hill 908-835-2060 or ghill┬ęco.warren.nj.us

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