Slick - Timonium One & Two

1 Maintenance

Tire rotation Tire plug $50 Additional Maintenance Services: $20

Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change

Pop-up Event:

45-pt inspection

$20 $39 $19 $69

Timonium One & Two Friday, September 20

oil and lter change oil light reset uids top o CARFAX sync tire pressure adjust maintenance light reset $59

oil and lter change oil light reset uids top o CARFAX sync tire pressure adjust maintenance light reset $99

Front wiper blade (pair) Rear wiper blade

Engine air lter

Who is S lick? A t echnology c ompan y with a modular ser vic e pla tform, desig ned t o deliv er managed v ehicle c such as P Ms , cleanings , tir es , and fuel , in r hythm with our cust omers needs: on- demand and a t plac e, in an en vir onmen tally r esponsible w ay. Wher e does S lick o er ser vic es? Slick deliv ers ser vic es in Virginia, Washingt on DC, M ar yland , Pennsylv ania, M assachusetts , Rhode Island, Vermont, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and California with operational hubs in Washington D Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Our targeted expansion over the next two years includes all the “NFL ” cities. Vehicle C are at Your F inger tips

Bulb replacement Cabin air lter $129 Battery replacement $175 Headlight restoration (each) $99 OBD diagnostic scan $99 $89

2 Steam Detailing

Disc brakes

TBD *Based on year, make model

Steam Value Combo

Steam Wash&Wax

Express Steam Combo

Interior Steam Detail steam all surfaces vacuum windows & mirrors steam carpets, mats &

Exterior Steam Detail Detail steam wash

All the components of...

$179 Full Steam Detail Full Steam SteamWash&Wax Interior Steam Detail

SteamWash&Wax quick interior steam windows trunk pet hair

exterior steam wash spray wax exterior windows rims & tire shine interior trunk $49

door jambs and sils bug and tar removal wheels and tires clay bar bu polish

leather pet hair

stain removal excessive dirt

bu wax tire shine windows $159

stain removal trim dressing

$299 Interior Steam Detail Exterior Steam Detail All the components of...




Gas Delivery

Gas Delivery

$1.20 cost of gas + per gallon * for gas subscription © 2016 - 2018 Slick Technologies LLC

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