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THE PLANNING PROCESS The Town of Morrisville Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update represents a collaborative effort to establish a vision for the Town’s transportation network and identify a coordinated set of multimodal projects to achieve it. The plan addresses existing issues and anticipated concerns for congestion, safety, access, and connectivity for all modes of transportation. The process began with an explanation of socioeconomic conditions, a review of plans and policies, and an assessment of the current transportation network. A set of guiding statements were developed ahead of creating a coordinated set of multimodal recommendations. Once the full set of recommendations were developed, a prioritization process was created as a tool to help guide decision makers as they advocate for future funding. The Town of Morrisville Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update serves as the Town’s transportation vision, characterizes current and future transportation needs, and documents multi-modal transportation strategies to address needs through the year 2040. The graphic below outlines the planning process for the Town of Morrisville Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update.

WHAT IS A COMPREHENSIVE TRANSPORTATION PLAN? A Comprehensive Transportation Plan, or CTP, serves as a roadmap for how transportation will develop in Morrisville. This effort will examine the many changes that have occurred in the Town’s population, employment, land use and development since the adoption of the 2009 Transportation Plan. It will focus on all modes of transportation including roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, and transit. The last CTP was adopted in 2009 and much has changed in Morrisville since that time. There have been shifts in population and employment, new developments have been built, and some transportation policies have changed as well. In addition, many transportation improvements identified in the previous plan have already been advanced to funding and implementation. With these changes in mind, the Town will work with the public to re-evaluate the vision, goals, objectives, and strategies set forth in the 2009 plan. WHY IS AN UPDATE NEEDED?

Figure 1-1: Planning Process

ENGAGEMENT Public outreach – whether through direct engagement or by input of community proxies – is an important part of a successful transportation plan. The two primary goals of engagement for the Town of Morrisville Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update are to inform and engage the public.



Informing the public requires the thoughtful translation of engineering and planning vernacular into common English. The initial step of informing the public is to communicate the purpose of the Transportation Plan and how it affects them. Once the public understands the value of the plan and its goals and objectives, they can then engage the planning process. Engaging the public necessitates empowering them to speak up paired with listening to their thoughts and opinions. Those who have the most to gain or lose from investments in the transportation system have perspectives that must be valued when developing project, policy, and program recommendations. The planning process included several avenues of public engagement to improve the likelihood that the feedback obtained was representative of the entire community.

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September 25, 2017 Draft

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