Kentwood City Properties + The Spire Team

WHAT IS A PRE-QUAL REALLY WORTH? AT AMERIFIRST FINANCIAL, THE ANSWER IS $ 10,000. We believe that a standard prequalification letter doesn’t adequately provide the peace of mind needed by buyers and sellers in today’s market. As a result, we rarely issue a prequalification letter without seeing a completed loan application, credit, and corroborating documentation. Far surpassing a prequalification, we offer an exclusive program, “Protect Your Transaction”, in which we fully qualify a buyer for their loan. The transaction is bonded and a certificate of assurance is issued. Bottom line: if we can’t close the loan due to our error or oversight, we pay the buyer $10,000. This process is easily tracked by all parties involved in the transaction. Once we’ve issued a PYT certificate, we’ve literally cleared the credit portion of the transaction and only need corresponding real estate documents (title, appraisal, fully executed sales contract, etc.) to close the loan. At the beginning of the loan process, we provide an extensive educational piece for each buyer to ensure they maintain their credit-worthiness and the clearest path to success to close on their home. This proprietary program has made countless differences in real estate transactions and repeatedly sets our clients offers apart from their competition.

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