Deadly Force and self defense

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1. Concealed Carry and Self Defense 2. The Elements of the use of Deadly Force 3. Basic Rules of Deadly Force Engagement 4. T he Use of Force and subject control 5. Force on force and the escalation of force 6. The use of force continuum 7. The reaction gap and the use of deadly force 8. Use of force Options

Example 1 Example 2 9. T he escalation of the use of force char t 10. Public Acts 309 – 314 of 2006 comprise the “Self-Defense Act.” 11. General Provisions of the Self Defense Act 12. The Rebuttable Presumption 13. There is no duty to retreat if the following four factors are present 14. Responsibility after Using Force 15. Your Constitutional Rights 16. Self Defense Jury Instructions 17. Factors that influence the decision to use a firearm for self defense

18. Self Defense Definitions 19. The Clean Hands Doctrine 20. The first responder

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