Börjesson EN 2019

Börjesson Börjesson was established by Bengt Börjesson in 1899 as a traditional tannery, located in Bjästa, Sweden. Around 25 years later his sons started manufacturing gloves in what became Sweden’s largest glove factory. Börjesson is still a family owned business with the differ- ence being of a new family at the helm. Our hope is to bring new energy to Börjesson whilst preserving the core values. Our range includes in the majority naturally produced ma- terials, as it has been from the beginning. We have articles that will suit most activities, whether you are out on the ski-slopes or prefer a more sedentary approach. We use the knowledge we have gained from the industry over the last 100 years, implemented with technical qualities to produce high-grade articles. We are constantly striving for the best to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Mission: Supply articles that give feelings of comfort, warmth and satisfaction, Grow a sustainable business model, Support women entrepreneurs in developing coun- tries, along with sponsorship of environmental causes. Go out and experience the Nordic feeling!


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