Christmas Events

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Christmas Events

The benefits of eating out on Christmas Day

with all the joys of the season. Wood- panelled old timers who give it gay abandon with the tinsel. Ones fur- nished with spitting log fires and the aroma of roasting meats, the kind of place that feels cosy and comforting. The case for eating out, even on Christmas Day, also has plenty of other advantages. Does all that toiling over the tur- nips truly bring us together? After all, research shows divorce inquiries jump after the Christmas holidays. It is unlikely that Brussels sprouts are the biggest contributing factor, but consider this: a study of nearly 1,450 people found that more than 75 per cent had at least one family member who gets on their nerves. Christmas raises the prospect of being trapped with them for many hours, in close quarters and rising temperatures, listening to them moan about their children not con- tacting them, while wielding a carv- ing knife. For another alternative have you also thought of having Christmas Day dinner in a pub? They are a great alternative to posh restaurants or do-it-yourself on Christmas Day. Pubs can be counted upon to serve a traditional British Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. And, since many pubs are also the land- lord’s family home, the atmosphere

can be warmer and friendlier than you might find in a restaurant. But before you plan on enjoying one, keep in mind that:

Someone else takes the strain: T he sheer joy of not having to plan weeks in advance a meal that will take about an hour to demolish to a sprouty rubble. Not having to order the giant turkey or free-range goose before it’s too late, and not having to feed the Christmas cake at regular levels. You don’t have to pin to-do lists to the cooker hood, documents as complex as a military campaign. And, most glorious of all there are no leftovers so there’s no washing up. Christmas spirits: You can drink (within reason and depending on transport arrange- ments) what you like. Order away. Drink mulled wine until your head spins and your lips are stained purple.

± ± Not all pubs are open on Christmas Day and among those that are, not all will be serving food. ± ± Christmas dinner in a pub can actually be Christmas lunch. ± ± Pubs, like restaurants and hotel dining rooms will charge a premium for dining on Christmas Day ± ± You need to book well in advance – most pubs that serve Christmas Day lunch start taking reservations around mid November. Some do it as early as the end of October. ± ± You will probably have to pay the full amount or a non-refundable deposit when you make the reservation

Christmassy restaurants:

There are restaurants that can imbueeven themost festive-resistant

Get together with friends , family or colleagues at Redcliffe Garden Centre this festive season! Choose from ...

Vintage Tea Christmas

Tea Room

Parties 25th November to 8th December

to incl festive shot of mulled wine! Full payment to be received 48 hrs before

Booking is essential 01425 638926


Tea Room

Create your own Christmas Wreath 30 th November and 7 th December 10am-12.30pm £25 per head, includes hot drink and mince pie Booking essential, limited places. 01425 619691

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