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Hand Crafted Danish & Cinnamon Rolls

Item Code: 81356 | UPC: 0 49578 81356 Pack Size: 24 / 4.5 oz. Nut Danish

Out nut danish are filled with plenty of nut paste and cinnamon filling that provides a delicate & delicious flavor. David’s danish is the perfect coffee companion.

Item Code: 81358 | UPC: 0 49578 81358 Pack Size: 24 / 5 oz. Cheese Danish

A great cheese danish is made by marrying great dough with a great cheese filling. David’s cheese danish contains nearly 50% cheese by weight. We finish it off by striping fondant so the combination of flaky dough, cheese and icing create a taste sensation.

Cinnamon Rolls Item Code: 81354 | UPC: 0 49578 81354 Pack Size: 24 / 6 oz.

Cinnamon rolls are everyone’s favorite and David’s has just the right combination of robust cinnamon & brown sugar. Once thawed to room temperature, our cinnamon filling is moist and even “gooey”. Heated or not, the combination of brown sugar, cinnamon and fondant icing produces a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

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