The Back in Motion ® ommotion

How many of you aren't exercising, participating in family activities or your hobbies, or simply aren't moving due to pain? We're changing people’s lives, be a part of it.

We get a lot of patients who say, “well it hurts when I move so I haven’t been moving much.” These patients also tend to say the pain is actually worse after they haven’t been moving for a while and then try to move. That is the key; exercise, most any type of exercise, can reduce your risk of recurring low-back pain by between 25-40% (1). 25-40% with ANY exercise, that’s amazing! There are similar findings with knee pain. Who wouldn’t want to avoid going under the knife and still get the results? How many have been told not to move or do anything when they are injured? That may not be the best course of action. That isn’t to say you should do a bunch of weight lifting and heavy exercise while you’re hurting. If a movement or exercise isn’t done right it certainly won’t help the situation. That is where PT comes in; we are trained to evaluate movement and help get you moving in a way that doesn’t increase pain. This can be very helpful with returning to, or starting, an exercise program.

We also know movement and exercise has a big impact on areas of the body that aren’t necessarily painful. The American Diabetes Association wrote a position statement about how movement and exercise tailored to the individual can help with strength, cardiovascular endurance, and change insulin sensitivity (2). This is exercise alone, not factoring in the use of insulin and other forms of treatment for diabetes. They also state moderate to vigorous activity can help people with diabetes actually live longer (2)! Exercising regularly can help aches, pains, or ailments feel better. We see it work with patients every day. Physical therapy is often the best choice for dealing with sprains, strains, aches, back pain, headaches, whiplash, knee pain, neck pain, tendonitis, and shoulder problems (1). If you have questions on how to get started or have pain preventing you from starting, please call us to schedule your free consultation and see how we can help get you moving!

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