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Becker Mining South Africa’s PVS range of vortex pumps has been designed to efficiently pump sludge and slurries con- taining large abrasive solids and fibrous materials in light, medium and heavy ser- vice industries. The PVS range, which can handle solids Vortex pump range from Becker Mining to 72 mm and SGs to 1,5, achieves up to 87 m heads at speeds of 2 950 rpm. These units are available in two and three inch models, with a 0,7-m spindle length and single motor drive.

readily available and a large stock holding of spares and raw materials ensures swift delivery throughout the country.” The PVS series, with a robust one-piece casing, has been designed to efficiently cope with all types of solids and fibrous materials. A locknut that fastens the impel- ler to the shaft prevents the impeller from turning off if the motor is started in the incorrect direction of rotation. These pumps have a sleeve stuffing box clearance that minimises blow-back of materials being pumped around the shaft sleeve, without requiring sealing contact. A high-strength pipe column maintains alignment between the bearing frame and its casing. There are no submerged bear- ings on the cantilevered shaft. Bearings have been selected for a mini- mum service life of 24 000 hours when operating at any point on the hydraulic coverage curve with 1,0 SG. Grease lubri- cation is standard. Becker Mining South Africa, tel (+27 11) 617-6300

“The most important feature of these vertical pumps is the recessed, non-clog impeller design that prevents binding and clogging problems. Since the impel- ler is clear of the pump casing, any solids and fibrous materials that enter the suc- tion inlet will be expelled through the pump discharge, without damaging the impeller,” says Rick Jacobs, Senior General Manager for Consumables at Becker Mining South Africa. “Another advantage of Becker’s pumps design is that spares are completely interchangeable. This reduces inventory management costs and simplifies on- site repairs. Because all components are locally manufactured, these pumps are

Becker Mining South Africa’s PVS range of vortex pumps has been designed to efficiently pump sludge and slurries.

SKF supplies dual solution toWest African gold mine uprated cap bolt and housing shell thick- ness to ensure that the housings are able to withstand severe cap loading on drive trains A and B for increased lifespan and improved uptime for the end-user. The scope of work also called for the supply of a spare pinion.

“We supplied a world-class quality, rugged, cost-effective, easy-to-install solu- tion that delivers increased productivity through higher machine efficiency and availability for the end-user,” concludes Storm. SKF South Africa, tel (+27 11) 821-3500

SKF South Africa recently supplied a custom-designed heavy-duty bearing housing assembly and two IMX-S condi- tioning monitoring systems for a 12 MW SAG mill operating on a gold mine in West Africa. “This is the first combination online condition monitoring system and drive train solution for a SAG mill supplied by SKF,” confirms SKF Project Manager John Storm. The end-user purchased the complete new SAG mill for the gold mine from a South African project house. The applica- tion presented a number of challenges which prompted the project house to approach SKF for assistance. “We had to find a solution to address the significant loading that the dual drive mill places on the bearing housing caps,” explains Storm.“Furthermore, as the entire plant is automated with instrumentation feedback to a control room, it was impera- tive that the mill comply with existing protocol.” SKF’s turnkey solution included South African designed bearings and sleeves complete with custom-designed heavy- duty pinion housings. SKF customised the housing assemblies to include an

“To provide additional protection to the bearings from contamination ingress, we incorporated special custom seal- ing arrangements to customer specific requirements,” adds Storm. SKF’s solution also extended to cus- tomised IMX-S based systems for on-line condition monitoring and analysis. IMX-S was rebuilt into an IP66 rated panel com- plete with a dust canopy. Two IMX-S units were supplied to monitor both drive trains A and B of the 12 MW mill. Storm explains that the system provides Modbus RTU to Modbus IP/TCP conversion for real time integration and asset status feed to the end-user’s control room. SKF’s customised turnkey bearing housings and online monitoring system designed in accordance with customer specifications fitted the end-user’s exist- ing infrastructure and met all the required safety factors on the mill’s A and B mill drive trains.

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