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In a victory decades in the making, Chanel agreed to drop all fur and exotic animal skins – including alligator, crocodile, and snake – from its product lines. The company said that it was “becoming increasingly difficult to source exotic skins which match our ethical standards,” following numerous exposés of the fur and exotic skin trades by PETA international affiliates. British department store Selfridges and designer Victoria Beckham, who has never used fur, also pledged to stop selling exotic skins. Chanel, Victoria Beckham Say, ‘See Ya Later, Alligator’

PETA Tracks Sparrow Torturer to LSU Experimenter Christine Lattin took flight from Yale, but PETA followed a trail of bread crumbs and learned that she was trying to continue tormenting songbirds in pointless experiments at Louisiana State University (LSU). Through protests on campus and at board meetings, an ad in the school newspaper, and

A MESSAGE FROM Ingrid Newkirk PETA’s President W hat’s in a name? When I was born, my grandmother spirited me away and had me christened “Ingrid Elizabeth” – not the names my mother had had in mind at all. Almost 70 years later, PETA UK suggested that a Dorset village calledWool would be better named “VeganWool.” You would have thought the organization had proposed that Prime Minister Theresa May be renamed Little Miss Muffet. The media went bonkers. That short letter to the parish council – which pointed out that UK sheep shearers had been caught on video kicking and beating up lambs – got coverage of wool-industry cruelty in the news and on websites all around the world. Vegan wool became the talk of the town, and wool – the fleece, not the village – got the bad name it deserved. Over the years, PETA and its international affiliates have made animal issues water-cooler conversation by playfully suggesting that Fishkill, New York, change its name to “Fishsave”; urging Sydney, Australia, to rename Egan Street “Vegan Street”; and suggesting that Hamburg, New York, reinvent itself as “Veggieburg” – among other geographical “updates.” Such exercises are a lot of fun – but serious business, too. “What on Earth?” ask the media and the public, allowing PETA to point out what’s objectionable about beating up a sheep just to acquire a coat or killing a cow just to make a sandwich. At least in the case of Fishkill, a name that’s tongue in cheek beats getting a hook in the mouth. As it turns out, PETA supporters aren’t alone in their efforts. At around the same time that PETA UK was explaining why wool (and, by extension, Wool) is associated with horrific cruelty to animals, a pub in York changed its name from “Shoulder of Mutton” to “Hemworth Inn” in order to attract more vegan customers. I’ll drink to that! LSU/HellSU Ad: Bird: © Howe • Blood: © • Flock of birds:© • Motts/SeaWorld Orca: ©


Hooray! Greggs, Carl’s Jr. Add Vegan Options

more, PETA is working to put an end to her cruel stress studies on wild birds, which involve capturing them, feeding them crude oil, and harming them in other ways.

In a victory five years in the making, including a petition that garnered tens of thousands of signatures, PETA UK persuaded bakery giant Greggs to roll out a vegan version of its iconic sausage roll. The internet went wild, with celebrities tweeting their support. A notable exception was Piers Morgan, who was roundly and hilariously mocked, generating even more publicity. More good news: After years of PETA pressure, fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. has a vegan Beyond Burger available at select locations, and Chobani is now offering dairy-free yogurt options. Every day, brands roll out more vegan choices as a result of discussions with PETA and its affiliates, including Hungry Jack’s, Domino’s, and Mad Mex in Australia; Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Frankie & Benny’s in the UK; and Pieology and Panera in the US.

Crocodile: © • Man celebrating: © F.Young • Rat: © Diane Özdamar, Illustrator and Photographer • Casey Affleck: ©

Take Action Now Please go to to urge the university to stop Lattin from hurting more animals.

‘Dog’ BBQ Sparks Debate PETA Australia “grilled” a “dog” in a busy Sydney mall on Australia Day to remind everyone that when it comes to pain and fear, dogs are no different from those lambs, pigs, chickens, or cows on the barbie. The message hit home, angering some but getting youngsters in particular to realize that the animal on their plate was once living and breathing – just like them.


Six-year-old actor Vivien Lyra Blair stole the show in the runaway hit Bird Box, and then she did it again in her first-ever interview, with PETA, which quickly went viral and was viewed more than 5,000,000 times in under two weeks. In the video, which you can see at , she takes Is PETA’s Youngest Spokesperson Bird Box Scene-Stealer


VICTORY! Kellogg’s No Longer a ‘Cereal’ Killer


Dogs endure “a life full of pain for no reason” says Oscar winner and devoted dog guardian Casey Affleck in a new PETA video in which he blasts Texas A&M University for tormenting dogs in cruel canine muscular dystrophy experiments. He reveals that 37 years of these deadly procedures have failed to produce a cure or even an effective intervention for the disease. Casey Affleck Slams Vivisection at TAMU


Success! Mott’s Applesauce Shows SeaWorld the Door Mott’s Applesauce just got even sweeter: PETA asked its parent company to stop promoting the abusement park SeaWorld. By ending its partnership, Mott’s joins a long list of like-minded brands, including Hyundai Motor America, Thomas Cook, Panama Jack, and Southwest Airlines.

Break out the Raisin Bran! Following discussions with PETA that began 12 years ago, the Kellogg Company has adopted a new policy banning deadly tests on animals to establish human health claims for marketing food products and ingredients. The cereal king, which pursued such cruel tests for nearly 65 years, had earlier pledged to limit them to rats and hamsters, among other measures. Now, it has gone a giant step further by joining a growing list of dozens of major food companies – including General Mills, The Coca-Cola Company, and Kikkoman – that have worked with PETA to ban all experiments on animals not required by law.

off her trademark blindfold and chirps, “My eyes were covered in Bird Box, but I always look out for animals.

That’s why I’m a vegetarian!”. You can also buy

Take Action Now Text “puppy” to 73822 to demand that Texas A&M shut down the lab and release

some lucky child a PETA Kids shirt just like hers or an adorable lunch bag like the one pictured here at .

the dogs into good homes.

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