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TRAVEL-INSPIRED HOME DECOR While homeowners have long incorporated souvenirs from their travels into their home decor, the last few years have seen a surge in globally inspired interiors. According to design experts, it makes perfect sense – travel is becoming more commonplace and more affordable, and people want their homes to reflect the lives they live in the outside world. One popular method of creating a more exotic space is to use an actual souvenir as a jumping off point for an entire room’s decor. For example, a piece of art purchased on a trip to Africa can serve as inspiration for a living room filled with modern animal prints and hand-woven items. And if it’s the act of travelling you love – perhaps even more than the destination itself – decorate with suitcases and framed luggage tags. For a more subtle look that only you’ll know the deeper meaning of, decorate with items that remind you of specific travel experiences. A bookend shaped like a bicycle for the time you cycled through France or a throw pillow with a beach motif to remind you of your Caribbean getaway.

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