offers the highest standards of education and research. This is our aim at Masdar Institute – to provide world-class research and learning that attracts and nurtures the future leaders and critical thinkers in the science and technology of advanced and sustainable technologies. In this context, Masdar Institute held a retreat in May 2012 to engage faculty and members of the administrative staff in the development of the Institute’s core “Strategic Directions” for the coming years. In the pages that follow, we describe the main outcomes of the retreat, which identified several areas of research and education that present both challenges and opportunities for Abu Dhabi, the region and the world. These focus areas will help define the future of Masdar Institute, as we build and strengthen our capabilities to further contribute to solving these complex multidisciplinary problems. Masdar Institute is an evolving story and a living, vibrant and creative research community with students and faculty from across the world. In the few short years since the Institute was established, we have laid a firm foundation and made great strides toward achieving our goals. With this document as a guide, the future is bright and the way forward is clear. For those inspired to be part of the solution, I invite you to join us on this exciting journey.




Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is an advanced research university founded by the visionary leadership of Abu Dhabi in response to the defining challenges of our time: climate change and energy security. Guided by the principles of environmental preservation and human development that were articulated by the UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Masdar Institute exemplifies Abu Dhabi’s unparalleled commitment to taking a leading role in the search for viable solutions to today’s environmental and energy challenges. By encouraging interdisciplinary research and education, and by focusing on areas of relevance to the UAE, the region and the globe, we strive to produce future leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship. Our collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides us a comprehensive approach and focus on research that offers the necessary ingredients for faculty and students to flourish within a unique learning environment that is Masdar City, an emerging global hub for future energy. Undoubtedly the environmental challenges the world faces are sizeable, but so too are the opportunities for Masdar Institute. We are well positioned to help address these challenges, in part because we offer a platform where the best minds collaborate in an environment that

Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh President Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

7 Masdar Institute Strategic Plan | 2012 - 2017


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