913892--DALÍ--Conquest of the Cosmos II The Latecomer of the Last Planet, 1974

Salvador Dalí

Conquest of the Cosmos II: The Latecomer of the Last Planet, 1974

” La Conquête du Cosmos ” suite is comprised of 12 original engravings plus lithographic color and some collage. The 12 prints were all made in 1974, but because of the difficulty finding buyers the set was split in two. The first, ” Cosmos I ” , was released in 1974, while the rest of the series, ” Cosmos II ” , was released in 1977. These works moved away from restrictive sensory perception and more toward an understanding of the hidden powers and laws of things. The artist's reinterpretation of his paranoiac-critical method is largely attributed to his infatuation with mystical forces. Dal í 's contribution to Surrealism was of immense importance to the life of the group and the evolution of its ideology. In spite of everything, what we are constantly seeing in his work is exemplary draughtsmanship and startlingly inventive talent.

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