Waste to Energy: The Evolution

Waste to Energy: The Evolution A short history of the evolution of waste management, energy consumption and plasma technology

billion and by the end of the twentieth century that figure had boomed to six billion.

About Advanced Plasma Power Advanced Plasma Power Limited (APP) is a world leader in waste to energy and advanced fuels technology. APP is revolutionising the way in which we treat waste sustainably by maximising the value from it as a source of materials and energy whilst minimising the impact of waste on the environment. APP has developed the Gasplasma process, a clean, modular and scalable advanced waste to energy and fuels technology which delivers high efficiencies whilst minimising visual and environmental impact. The Challenge Today, there are just over seven billion people in the world and although the growth rate is now beginning to slow, it is estimated that by 2050, our planet will become home to over nine billion inhabitants! It was about 250,000 years ago when the first humans appeared on Earth and began colonising the continents. However, it wasn’t until the start of the nineteenth century that the world’s population climbed to one ®

The reserves of fossil fuels that originally stimulated this incredible period of population growth have now become seriously depleted. This, coupled with the fact that the phenomenon of global warming is being largely attributed to their use, means that we now more than ever before need to find alternative renewable energy sources that will help protect and sustain our planet for generations to come. In addition to the increasing demand for energy, the population explosion was also accompanied by a corresponding escalation in waste levels. There was also a growing awareness that, as a result of human activity and technological advancements, greenhouse gas emissions were causing significant damage to the environment. The discovery of fire gave humans a controllable source of energy which was used for heating and light, as well as cooking and forging materials, and whilst throughout early history the amount of human generated waste was insignificant, it also provided a means to dispose of that waste.

A look back through time shows how our need for

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