FlyQ Pilot's Guide

 Double-press the Home button to bring up the list of running apps at the bottom of the screen. You should see FlyQ EFB.  Find the "card" that shows FlyQ EFB and swipe it up, as if you were flicking something away. This closes FlyQ EFB.  Press Home again to hide the list of running apps.  Start FlyQ EFB again by tapping its icon.

2. Reboot your iPad or iPhone

 Press and hold the Power switch (side or top of the device) and the Home button (on the face of the iPad/iPhone) for a few seconds. If you do this right, the device will shut down immediately with no further prompts. Note : For the iPhone X, press and hold the Power button at the Volume Down button at the same time.  After it goes off, press the Power switch again to restart the device.

3. Remove and re-install FlyQ EFB

Do this only as a last resort because it will delete any data that you've already downloaded.

 Press the Home button on the device (the one physical button on the front) to get to the home screen.  On the Home screen, find the FlyQ EFB app icon.  Press and hold the FlyQ EFB app icon until it wiggles.  Press the X now appearing on the icon to remove the app.  Confirm you wish to delete by tapping the Delete button.  Press the Home button to stop the wiggling  Go to the App Store on the iPad or iPhone and download/install the app again by searching for FlyQ EFB .

FlyQ EFB Pilot’s Guide

Version 3.0 (2/8/2018)

Page 146

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