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350/450 The rotary chamber machine offers an affordable high speed vacuum-packaging soluƟon for quality food manufacturers of any size.


Available in clockwise or counter- clockwise orientation, the product enters the Flexopack 350/450 via an optional auto synchronising infeed conveyor, placing the product centrally on the transport platen. The product then enters one of six vacuum chambers where it is clamped, evacuated and sealed, with the remaining bag end cut and ejected to a scrap collector.

It continues along to the soft discharge system where it is gently pushed off the platen on to the optional outfeed conveyer. A unique, robust design ensures ease of operation, cleaning and mainte- nance, along with safety, hygiene and reliability.

Symmetrical design allows for reduced moving parts and increased reliability Left and right hand maching options Twin impulse seal system for added product security - Air-cooled sealbars Central lubrication system Synchronized infeed options Customized outfeed options Speeds of up to 45 packs/minute

product size dependant Touch screen/PLC control

Full stainless steel construction Fully integrates to downstream equipment Two different models available product size dependant

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