New-Tech Magazine | April 2020


Wireless Communication

The Annual conference for Wireless Communication

Pavilion 1, EXPO Tel Aviv | 10:00-15:00 In this modern era, Wireless communication have become an integral part of each other to provide wireless communication tocommonman that helpspeople located inanypart of theworldcommunicate easily. Wireless communication technology transmits information over the air using electromagnetic waves like IR (Infrared), RF (Radio Frequency), satellite, etc. For example, GPS, Wi-Fi, satellite television, wireless computer parts, wireless phones that include 4G and 5G networks, and Bluetooth. The New-TechWireless Communication conference will provide a top forum for Business Professionals, Scientists, Engineers, Directors of companies, Industrialists, Researchers and Students in the field of Wireless & Communication to exchange their innovative information on their latest research advancement and with the theme of “ Exploring the Innovations and Excellence in the field of wireless and Telecommunication” to cover virtually all facets and fields of Wireless &Telecommunication. Among the topics: Wireless Communication, RF & MICROWAVE, IOT (Internet of Things), Zigbee technology , 5G and beyond, Optical Communication, WI-FI, Mobile and Wireless Network, Sensor Technology, Satellite Communication and more. The conference will be held as part of the New–Tech Exhibition – the international Hi-Tech and electronics sector exhibition, in Expo Tel-Aviv

For submitting a callout for lectures and sponsorships: Tomer@new–

For more information and registration: ההשתתפות באירועי ניו-טק היא לעובדי תעשיית ההיי-טק והאלקטרוניקה. הכניסה ללא תשלום אך נדרשת הרשמה מוקדמת, אישור החברה המארגנת והצגת תעודת עובד

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