Why Picasso--Structured

. . . THE PRIDE OF OWNING OF A UNIQUE PICASSO!! (ESPECIALLY ONE OF HIS TOP WORKS!) and important places in your home. • Being a caretaker of art history is an important cultural responsibility! • Imagine the thrill of coming home to your very own original creation by the greatest master of the 20 th century! You will be proud to share your Picasso with friends, relatives and business associates. • By owning a Picasso, you will be joining an extremely elite “Club” of sorts; when compared to the population of the world today (7.7 billion people), only very, very few people will ever have the opportunity to own a Great Master’s work. • The place where you hang your original Picasso will become the most energetic JOY & STATUS OF OWNERSHIP

Why Picasso Makes Sense to Buy Now!



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