Take Time to Huddle - Genesis Day 2015

Take Time to Huddle ˈhʌd(ə)l/ Show unity and togetherness: ‘Take Time to Huddle’.

Today, 12 th August 2015, we are celebrating our 27 th birthday.

We chose this year’s theme – Take Time to Huddle – to help bring together and strengthen the team that is ‘Team Genesis’. Those of you lucky enough to have worked in the oil industry for some time are familiar with its peaks and troughs and so far, this year has been a roller coaster ride. We need to look past the negative in order to seek more opportunities for Genesis to grow and develop; I hope you stick with me on the journey. As a valued member of Genesis, please do join me today in celebrating our 27 th birthday – Take time to huddle! Happy Birthday Genesis!


John Cambridge Managing Director

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