RP Reporter December 2019

From Managers Desk

Hello Everyone,

Christmas is almost here, the homes around Rest Point Village are being sprinkled with Candy Canes, Elves, Pretty lights and Christmas cheer. Welcome home to our newest residents, Steve & Ana (94) & Rhonda (75) Thank you Trish and Wendy for taking the time to meet and greet our new comers with a smile and a welcome gift, you are both simply wonderful. During Christmas Time & the Start of the New Year the Office will be Closed, a Staff Member will available 24/7 during this time to assist in case of Emergencies. A letter with the details will go into your letterboxes. I wish to Thank you all for taking such Pride and Care of your homes and all that surrounds this beautiful village that we call Home Sweet Home. We have the friendliest and most helpful group of people here making each day as enjoyable as possible, you gather for the good times and share many great laughs and then you also gather in times of need to offer your comfort and support to fellow resident friends. In December we will say farewell to Lus & Peter, Sandy and to Warren as they start their journey in different directions. Sandy set off tears after a visit to my office to give me a cuddle, she wishes each and every one of you a wonderful life at Rest Point Village, she wishes we could all move the village closer to her children. On behalf of Rest Point Village Directors, Management & Staff, we would like to wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

Yours Sincerely Marie Merry Christmas to you all xo

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December 2019 | Volume 9| Issue 12


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