BESC Liability Release Form

Form2of3 Sunshine Safari Familiarisation 2014



1. By accepting the offer of Business Events Sunshine Coast (BESC) to visit the Sunshine Coast and completing thebelowAuthorisationForm, I agree to the termsset out in this release. Arrival to theSunshineCoastwill beseenby theBESCasacceptanceof these terms. 2. I understand that reference in thisagreement: a. to BESC include organisations affiliatedwith BESC, includingwithout limitation Sunshine Coast DestinationLimited andalso include theofficers, directors,managers, employees, agents or contractorsof BESCandof thoseorganisations; and b. tome includesmyheirs, distributees, guardians, legal representativesorassigns. 3. I agreeandacknowledge that: a. BESC has assisted to coordinate certain travel arrangements and related services (the Travel Services) onmybehalf; b. BESCwill not arrangeany insurances formeor onmybehalf in connectionwith the Travel Services; c. that inconnectionwith theTravel Services it isprudent forme to insureagainst: i. deathor injuryhowsoever caused; ii. lossofordamage toproperty; and iii. liability, however arising, to thirdparties fordeathor injuryor lossofordamage toproperty. 4. BESC isnot itselfa tour operator, travel agent, carrier or hotelier, nor doweownaircraft, hotelsor coaches. We exercise every care in the selection of reputable tour operators, travel agents, airlines, coachoperators, hotels, cruise lineoperators, andother suppliersof health services, etc or the various travel serviceswhich areused in these tours. It is important tonote, therefore, all bookings are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by tour operators, travel agents, airlines, coachoperators, hoteliersandother serviceproviders including but not limited to shipping, rail, car hire and restaurant operators, whose services are utilised, some of which limit or exclude liability in respect of death, personal injury, delay and lost or damage tobaggage. Westrongly recommendyou takeout travel insuranceagainst theserisks. e. BESC always does its best to make sure your tour arrangements are satisfactory. However, we cannot accept any liability of whatever nature for the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of those tour operators, travel agents, airlines, coachoperators, shipping companies, hoteliers or other persons providing services in connectionwith your tour pursuant to a contract between themselves and yourself (whichmay be evidenced inwriting by the issueof a ticket, voucher, coupon confirmationof the like) andoverwhomwehavenodirect or exclusivecontrol.


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