SCCSD Supt. Report 2014-15


W ith the help of the Sunflower County Community, the newly formed Sunflower County Consolidated School District successfully completed its first school term. The 2014-2015 school year saw its share of challenges, but our resilient team of teachers and administrators, coupled with the parents and communities where our schools operate, were poised and prepared to handle them. We will use the momentum of last year as a tail wind and soar to new heights in the 2015-2016 school year. Our efforts to partner with the community and parents are led by the vision and drive I hold for this District. The SCCSD Team engaged each student in the District, encouraged high achievement and set standards that ensured the meeting or exceeding of grade level state requirements.

As you peruse this report, I hope you are as excited as I am to see the many accolades of our District’s youth. They have participated in Spelling Bees and choir competitions as well as displayed athletic prowess locally and on the state level. Most importantly, whenever and wherever ranked against our neighboring School Districts for academic performance, we are at or near the top across the board. This is confirmation that our concerted efforts are effective. Our teachers and administrators have been afforded the opportunity to gain valuable skills and instruction through district supported, provided and encouraged training. I believe that each child in Mississippi should be afforded the best education and should learn from the very best educators. Consequently, I am unyielding in my efforts to expose our SCCSD Team to as much training and continuing education as possible as I firmly believe that a well prepared group performs well. The personal preparation I have made in anticipation of 2015-2016 gives me confidence in my ability to achieve the desired outcomes. From being selected to attend a national leadership academy for superintendents or participating on educational councils seeking resolutions to issues that face our youth, I am ready to deliver steady leadership and vision to the SCCSD. I wake daily with a personal conviction and professional charge, Every Child Will Learn . I invite each parent, concerned citizen, and SCCSD team member to join me as we continue our quest to transform our district to “Best in Class” status. We are courageous enough to lead and we ask you to UNITE with us to achieve excellence in our schools for our children.



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