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Curry On Cooking - Korma (Mild) Curry On Cooking Tikka Masala (Mild)


8x30g 8x30g 8x30g 8x30g 8x30g 8x30g 8x30g 8x30g

£16.00 £16.00 £16.00 £16.00 £16.00 £16.00 £16.00 £16.00

£2.00 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00

TEMPCO03 Curry On Cooking Biryani Rice (Mild)

Curry On Cooking Bombay Potatoes (Mild/Med)


TEMPCO05 Curry On Cooking Pakora (Mild/Med)

Curry On Cooking Balti (Med)


TEMPCO07 Curry On Cooking Jalfrezi (Hot)

Curry On Cooking Madras (Very Hot)


Orders start from 4 cases and up to avoid a small delivery charge Introduction order available on first order – please ask to try (normally 30/50% of the min order) The Great British Range of curry kits come in 8 scrumptious flavours. NO Nasties Here! No added gluten, sugar, dairy, MSG, nuts, additives or preservatives and are veggie and vegan friendly. These lip smacking currylicious kits come with a shopping list and recipe to create the best curry ever! Quicker than ordering a takeaway! Very versatile spice kits follow the recipe or go off- piste, paste, sprinkle, shake, baste, marinade or bake. Great in the slow cooker and weight loss friendly.

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To re-order or try an introduction order please call – 0333 0501 600 -

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