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Introduction Orders Fact Sheet

• Small first order size to allow you to test the product in store • Lowers risk of shrinkage • Helps your cashflow • Producer covers delivery charge

If the min order is a value say £120 then the introduction order could be £30-£60

Your first order is designed to suit your needs

As a drop shipping company, all orders come direct from the producer to you, working with the producers list price and their minimum order which includes delivery. We realise that committing to 6/8 cases on the first order can be a big risk for some shops. To avoid your store being left with over stock on lines that your customers don’t buy as much of as you thought they might, here at the Artisan Food Club we say that the first order can be any size you like (within reason). Nearly every shop in the UK can sell £30/40 of any new line easily but what can be a struggle is selling £120 worth of stock if your customers don’t agree with your purchase. Taking this risk away from you in store is the whole idea behind introduction orders. Once you have tested sales with the introduction order you can decide to order more based on your actual sales frequency and volume and take into account your direct customers feedback. The major benefit of ordering through the Food Club is that no matter how many deliveries in a given month you receive you will only have one invoice a month and 12 in total a year to pay. The unique number of start-ups will also bring a big point of difference to your competitors in the same local area using the same main wholesalers. If you weren’t working with the Food Club and working directly with many individual producers just imagine how many individual invoices you’d have to process and pay each month.

To re-order or try an introduction order please call – 020 3384 1600 -

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