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Add a new contact Using ‘Lookup’ always search the database before adding any data. Contacts should not appear more than once! Search the contact’s name and then their organisation. If there are no results, click ‘New’ located in the menu bar, selecting ‘Organisation/ Contact’ or ‘Private Individual’ and fill in the required data. Use the checklist provided on the back of this leaflet. Add a new contact to an existing organisation Using ‘Lookup’ locate the organisation appear more than once! Within the organisation, select the ‘Contacts’ tab and click the green plus icon to open a new form. The organisation’s details will already be populated. If your contact has a different address, simply overwrite the existing details. Save. Add several contacts and organisations If you have a large number of contacts to add to the database, marketing may be able to assist with an automatic import. Contact marketing for advice. you wish to add a new contact to. Organisations should not

Add myself as knowing a contact

Within the contact, above the name, click ‘I Know This Person’ to add yourself or select ‘Known By Other’ (if you are the secretary choose the appropriate fee earner). The contact will now appear in your group ‘Contacts I Know’. Add my contact to a mailing list Within the contact, click the dropdown list icon in the ‘Mailings’ tab to tick the relevant mailings. OK. Save. It is best practice to record the date and permission given in the orange ‘mailings preference box’. Add money laundering documents for a client Within the contact or organisation, in the ‘Money Laundering’ tab, click the green plus icon to complete all relevant fields. Click the ‘Add Attachment’ button to locate your file. Save. Add a mailing preference for my contact Within the contact, below their name use the ‘Preferred Contact Method’ dropdown to select ‘Email’ or ‘Post’. Save.

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