Denali A quick and easy guide to Online Banking & Online Bill Pay


Send a Check

You can easily send a check to yourself by using our Send a Check feature.

To Send a Check:

Click on the Send a Check tab. 1. Select the “from” account where you will send a check using the dropdown menu. 2. Click on each box to enter the information needed. 3. When completed entering the needed information, select Send Check . 4. If successful, a new screen will appear. All send a check transactions will appear in the Activity Center whether immediate or future dated; click Close and review at your convenience. 5. Select transaction (currently in a drafted status) and click actions, Select Approve 6. Confirm Approval of transaction. This will require an Secure Access Code for approval to be sent. Enter SAC 7. Enter Secure Access Code 8. Upon approval, success screen displayed and status changed in Activity Center to Processed.


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