White Card - Interview Workbook 13OCT17


What is required?

As part of your assessment to complete the white card course, you are required to participate in an interview with an assessor. During this interview, you will be asked questions, to which you will need to be able to promptly answer verbally, on the spot.

Assessments are not just regurgitating facts but they require the application of concepts and proficiency and developing skills and knowledge to be able to be transferred in the workplace.

The approach is that the process itself will allow you to organize your thoughts, put material into terminology that you understand, and find ways of making the knowledge and skills to be transferable to any workplace.

This workbook is designed to fully prepare you for the interview. It is not marked, or part of your assessment, however it is recommended that you complete it, so you will be confident and prepared, and won’t have to go through the interview assessment more than once.

The content in this workbook is very similar to the questions in the interview, so after completing it, it is suggested that you take the opportunity to practice verbally reciting your answers.

When you feel confident and ready, you can schedule your interview.

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CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry - Workbook 13OCT17

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