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Invu Document Management software eliminates the need for o site storage, saving up to three months a year wasted searching for information as well as streamlining your processes. With many organisations now obliged by regulatory bodies to maintain their records for years - or even decades - storage space has become a major concern and cost. Invu instantly relieves the pressure, providing safe, compliant access at the touch of a button. The burden of red tape impacts SME’s every day, be it from HMRC, FSA, professional bodies or for Health and Safety purposes. Control of your processes and documents with a secure audit trail will ensure robust compliance. With Invu Document Management you could cut £4,400 per week o your running costs - This is the cost UK SME’s waste looking for documents. Does your organisation face data security issues? Invu Document Management data is encrypted, access to documents can be protected and there’s always a full audit trail to establish document access and actions. Add Invu to your disaster recovery strategy and you’ll also protect vulnerable paper documents as well as your emails and O ce documents. The green conscience of most modern organisations demands that any changes are environmentally bene cial, or at the very least neutral. Invu Document Management radically reduces your organisation’s reliance on paper. Once you scan all incoming mail, invoices and other paper documents into a central location, the digital images are securely stored in the repository. You can then search, amend, share and process these documents without the need for a paper copy again. The e ciencies and savings add up to plenty of carbon savings.

Your storage space could be reduced by 60%within 12 months with Invu.



• Save time- All your documents instantly at your ngertips • Save money- Slash hidden costs with enhanced e ciencies • Save storage- Reduce paperwork, reduce filing • Enhanced customer service- Quick access means better service. • Peace of mind- Know that you never need lose another document • Disaster recovery- A central document repository is easily backed up and forms a key stand in your disaster recovery strategy

• Pre-configured templates meaning you get started quickly • Can be personalised for your business needs • Intuitive and simple to use • Thumbnails give quick recognition of results • Simple quick indexing to your requirements • Attribute and full text searching • Add remote access via the web • In-built scanning for paper document capture • MS Office document Capture • Simple email capture • Full audit trail ensure regulatory compliance

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