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A Library’s Role in Preserving History » Through two innovative projects, the Orange County Library System is creating an oral and written history of its community.


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L ibraries have long played a role in the preservation of local history. In many libraries, the local history collection holds a place of honor, and rightly so. The informa- tion contained in these collections is price- less and irreplaceable. In today’s world of rapidly disappear- ing or changing information, it is more important than ever that libraries preserve their community’s history, and not just the traditional “old” history, but tomorrow’s his- tory—the things that are happening now. The librarians at the Orange County Library System (OCLS) recognized that our community’s history and culture was not being recorded and preserved. As a result, we have created two tools to aid in

preserving this vital information: Orlando Memory and EPOCH (Electronically Pre- serving Obituaries as Cultural Heritage). These two resources mesh with OCLS’ goals: creating and preserving informa- tion, inspiring innovation, and thinking of information in new ways. RECAPTURING ORLANDO Recognizing the importance of local histori- cal information, the OCLS staff continually searched for ways to support the preserva- tion of these incredibly valuable assets. The search cumulated in the launching of

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