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chapter-5-explore-art-matters-(pdf)?previousFilter=tag_chapter-05). Assign each student the questions in Part A to discuss in a first post and the questions in Part B to discuss in a response post:

Individual Assignment Ideas:

1. Assign Practice Art Matters Box 5.1 in which students observe a piece of fruit with intensity (page 135 of the ebook):

2. Have students zoom into two annotated artworks from the chapter and answer the auto- graded multiple-choice questions about the images. Figure 5.20 is of Edgar Degas’s Entrance of the Masked Dancers (https://oup-arc.com/access/content/gordon-student- resources/gordon-figure-5-20-interactive-image- walkthrough?previousFilter=tag_chapter-05). Figure 5.27 is of Rembrandt van Rijn’s A Young Woman Sleeping (https://oup-arc.com/access/content/gordon-student- resources/gordon-figure-5-27-interactive-image- walkthrough?previousFilter=tag_chapter-05), as seen below. These two activities are among the pre-built assignments delivered with the interoperable learning management system course cartridge for Art Matters or in Dashboard:


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