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7. Have students answer several of the Critical Thinking Questions from Chapter 12 (page 328 of the ebook). These questions are set-up as an assignable series of short-answer questions delivered with the interoperable learning management system cartridge or in Dashboard. If you wish to pair the questions with images, you can access the art in the Art Database for the chapter (https://oup-arc.com/access/gordon-instructor- resources#tag_art-database):

8. Have students answer one of these questions that has been modified from the Instructor’s Manual:

o What do you feel is the more important aspect of green architecture: reducing waste, recycling materials, or providing alternate sources of utilities like water and power? Look on the internet for an example of a building that emphasize the aspect you chose and explain how. o Contemporary buildings like Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, can be divisive. Some people find such buildings beautiful and intriguing, while others find them ugly and feel that they are impractical. Watch this 4:33 [four minute thirty-three second] DW Euromaxx video, and hear what people have to say about the building. How does the video change your thoughts about the building?

Short-Answer Reading Checks:

1. Have students take the Chapter 12 Comprehension Quiz (https://oup- arc.com/access/content/gordon-student-resources/gordon-chapter-12-comprehension- quiz?previousFilter=tag_chapter-12), also readily assignable through your learning management system or in Dashboard), in which students can answer 15 basic comprehension questions such as this:


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