Response to RFP - Uniforms and Facility Services for Stella & Chewy's


About ATP Testing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

About ATP Detection Systems ATP Detection Systems are used throughout the food, beverage processing and healthcare industries where rapid detection of contamination is crucial. The ATP Detection System plus a comprehensive monitoring plan is used to test, record and track biological contaimination on production and other surfaces. A key feature of the Detection System is the use of bioluminescence technology to identify and measure adenosine triphosphate, known as ATP. What is ATP? ATP is an energy molecule found in all plant, animal and microbial cells. All organic matter (living or once-living) contains ATP, including food, bacteria, mold and other microorganisms. The detection of ATP on a surface therefore indicates the presence of biological matter that may not otherwise be visible to the eye. In industries where hygiene control is crucial, ATP testing is an excellent tool for detecting and measuring biological matter.

ATP Testing for your laundered garments ITU AbsorbTech’s HACCP program includes a comprehensive ATP testing methodology. Testing at control points is an integral component of our hygiene monitoring plan. This ensures cleanliness of direct and indirect contact areas, and hard-to- clean sites on processing equipment and handling lines. In addition, a test log is maintained to document weekly testing (at random) on one of your laundered garments.


Utilization less than 10% listed in this column. 0% utilization means the employee has not turned in any garments for laundering during this period.

7. Low utilization lines means a garment is not being turned in for laundering on a regular basis. Utilization = Inventory / # Garments Turned In. Typical garment inventory is 11 (5 in locker + 5 being washed + 1 being worn). 45% utilization is ideal because the employee consistently turns in all 5 garments for laundering. 10% utilization means the employee consistently turns in less than 1 garment. 6. Garments removed from the program due to an employee leaving, garment upgrade, inventory change or size change.

Actual ATP Test Results for Stella & Chewy’s have been electronically submitted with the Request for Proposal

ATP Test readings are unique to our unit and may be different from other testing units or may have varying scales for pass/fail.


All of ITU AbsorbTech’s processing facilities are registered to ISO 14001 . Our South Bend, Ind., processing facility is also registered to ISO 9001.


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