Places for People - 2016 Open Enrollment

Benefit News 2016 Open Enrollment

Places for People is pleased to announce Anthem will be our new benefit carrier .

Places for People’s benefits insurance renews January 1, 2016. On top of medical trend and continued high utilization of the plan, there were several high dollar claims that had an impact on this renewal. As a result UHC delivered an initial renewal of 16.5%. Health Care Reform (HCR) still contributes to the renewal as well. This year it represents approximately 3.5% of the renewal increase, including various mandatory fees. CBIZ solicited bids from the marketplace, including plans with alternate funding mechanisms. Anthem provided an aggressive proposal at 5% with minimal plan changes to your existing three options. Therefore, we will be moving the medical coverage to Anthem effective January 1, 2016.

To find helpful benefit information and tools, log on to where you will have the ability to:

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Places for People has decided to absorb the entire increase associated with the medical plans so that your cost will not change in 2016!

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Historically, the dental plan has been a valued part of our benefits package. As a result, we continue to see high utilization of the plan. This year was no different. CBIZ successfully negotiated an 8% second year dental rate cap last year. Therefore, the renewal was 8%. CBIZ solicited the market for alternatives and Lincoln Financial provided the opportunity to maintain existing benefit levels with a 0% increase in cost for 24 months. Therefore, we will be moving our dental coverage to Lincoln Financial effective January 1, 2016. Places for People’s Life/AD&D and Voluntary Life coverage will move to Anthem and the vision coverage will remain with Vision Benefits of America. The Voluntary STD and Voluntary LTD, will renew with the Lincoln Financial and without any benefit modifications. Participants in the Vol STD and Vol LTD will see an increase in cost that could not be met by competing carriers. New this year! Places for People will be providing you with the opportunity to purchase individual policies through AFLAC. These policies allow you to cover the costs of medical and out-of-pocket expenses associat- ed with an accident, critical illness and/or hospitalization. More information will be available at the employee meetings outlined on page 12; and you will be required to meet with an Aflac representative one-on-one to learn more about and enroll in these products.  Deductibles— The deductible is the amount of money you pay before services are covered under your plan. Normally, it is paid for in-patient and out-patient services. Your deductible is accumulated during each calendar year. It does not apply to any preventive services as required under Health Care Reform.  Coinsurance– After the deductible is satisfied, claims costs are shared with the insurance carrier until the out-of-pocket maximum is reached. For example, with a 90% coinsurance, the insurance company pays 90% of the cost after the deductible and the patient pays 10%.  Out-of-Pocket Maximums— This is the maximum amount of money you are required to pay in a calendar year. The deductible, your share of the coinsurance, the medical plan co-pays (office visits, urgent care, and emergency room) and all prescription drug co-pays in the three medical plans will apply to the out of pocket maximums. Medical Plan Terminology

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