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OUR ASSOCIATION IS STRONG Because Members LikeYou Belong! by Gina McNamara, SBACNJ Executive Officer

Bulletin Board Magazine recently sat down with Shore Builders Association’s Executive Officer Gina McNamara, for a special one- on-one interview about how this local home builders association views membership, the mission of the association, and how it’s ripple affect is felt across the state of New Jersey. Q: What is the most important element behind Shore Builders Association’s longevity in the state of New Jersey? A: Industry trade associations are built on the premise that there is strength in numbers. Individuals or companies with similar interests group together and amplify their collective voices to affect change on the issues important to them. With a similar mission to help the building industry Q & thrive every local home builders association across the country helps keep the building industry strong. Q: Does Shore Builders Association’s mission meld with that of other associations in our state? A: While the mission of associations may differ, the common denominator is that an association exists to serve its members. The scope of the association,

Gina McNamara SBACNJ Executive Officer

whether local, state or national will drive its strategic plan to help members in different ways.

Q: What kind of internal support do you have and how do you accomplish SBACNJ’s mission:

A: People are often surprised to learn that SBACNJ only operates with 2 employees and NJBA with only 9. Our efforts are maximized through the volunteer work of our members, consultants and through partnerships we have formed with other likeminded organizations in the State. Q: What is the most important aspect of membership and how does it relate to the strength of SBACNJ? contribute. “What are my benefits?” But in fact, the strongest associations have the most member contribution. I feel lucky to have the support of many of our members who understand the importance of giving not only sponsorship dollars but their time. We are also constantly striving to develop better benefits and programs to assist our membership in their success. A: Most people join associations for what they can get, not for what they can

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