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Structural Fire Suits

The Solar Fire Suits can endure high levels of heat for brief periods of time without themselves combusting and burning and therefore minimises body burn percentage when exposed to heat and flames. The Solar Structural Fire Suits have three components: an outer shell, a moisture barrier, and a thermal barrier, all serving a different function. The outer layer protects against flame injury and burns caused by conductive heat. The moisture barrier protects against water penetration and allows internal moisture vapour to escape. It is imperative that the layers are kept dry to avoid the transfer of heat in a convective manner from the outer layer through the layers to the skin. The inner thermal barrier and lining offers protection against heat from proximity to flame. In between each of these layers are pockets of air and together with the fabric layers, they help to further insulate the wearer from the extreme environments of fires.

Xf2 Xr2

EN 469: 2005 Protective Clothing For Firefighters

Y2 Z2

EN 469

This European Standard specifies minimum levels of performance requirements for protective clothing to be worn during fire fighting operations and associated activities. Suits shall provide protection for the firefighters torso, neck, arms to the wrists, and leg to ankles during firefighting activities. A generous overlap suitable for all body movements shall be maintained between the jacket and trousers.

• Resistance to penetration by Liquid Chemicals • Resistance to Water Penetration

• Flame Spread • Heat Transfer (Flame) • Heat Transfer (Radiation) • Residual Strength • Heat Resistance • Tensile Strength • Tear Strength • Surface Wetting • Dimensional Change

• Water Vapour Resistance • Ergonomic Requirements • Visibility – Reflex • Whole Garment Testing (Optional)

Explaining the standard EN469 Level 2 Fire Suits is the higher requirement for structural fire fighting and is used by professional trained firefighters.

All Level 2 Fire Suits will be marked internally as follows: • Xf2 Level 2 – Performance in Heat Test: Flame. • Xr2 Level 2 – Performance in Heat Test: Radiation. • Y2 Level 2 - Resistance against Water Penetration • Z2 Level 2 – Resistance against Water Vapour Resistance

Xf2 Xr2

Y2 Z2

Level 2 Suits must include a waterproof moisture barrier

EN 469

All Solar Fire Suits Certified to Level 2

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