Brand Guidelines

1 Corporate Identity Guidelines

We recommend theseguidelines are followedwithdue care, topreserve the integrity of theGenesis identity andmaintaina consistent brand image.

The successand strengthof theGenesis branddependsona consistent look acrossevery itemweproduce. This guidehasbeenproduced toprovide clear instructionsonhow touseour identity correctly. Theseguidelinesmust be followedandadhered toby all of us. By co-operating in theuseof these guidelines, youwill reinforce thepositive imageof our companywe communicate toour customers, businesspartnersand not least, ourselves.

Thesewill helpasanaidwhen instructing printers, signwritersandotherswhomay be required toproduce itemsusing the identity. For guidanceof brand implementation and for brandinganddesign services, please contact: JanisCambridge DuncanBurnett


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