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I ssue 6 / / June 1 5 , 2014

TRAINING THE 21ST CENTURY LIBRARY LEADER A review of library leadership training from 1998 to 2013. BY KATHERINE SKINNER, PHD, AND NICK KRABBENHOEFT

When the Books Are In the Way


» What should you do with the books when you’re renovating your library?

Crunching numbers ahead of installation convinced the Beaufort County Council that the investment would benefit staff and patrons. BY WLODEK ZARYCZNY WHO’S GOING TO REPLACE YOU? Fostering the next generation of librarians through IE LEADS. BY TIFFANY K. CHOW ADVANCES IN CITATION MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES Can citation innovations shape inquiry and literacy? BY BUFFY J. HAMILTON COMPETENCIES: TAKING THE LEAP, MAKING IT MATTER Viewing customer service as a strategic initiative requires technical competency from all staff. BY PENNY TALBERT


F or the past 25 years, I have been exclusively moving libraries and have completed well over 600 projects throughout the United States. These projects can be small one-day moves or larger moves that can take months or years to complete. Any move can be daunting, and emotions can range from creating great memories to never wanting to experience it again. Luckily, since I have made a career of moving libraries, the vast majority of my projects have been memorable, fun, and rewarding. I have been involved in many unique projects and have worked with many great librarians, contrac- tors, and administrators. What have I learned in my career? The key ingredient to a successful move will al-

ways be proper planning. To that end, I have established a methodology that gives consistency to the planning process. DECIDINGWHAT GOES WHERE Years ago, moving library collections was not as complex as it is today. During the

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