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Today I’m introducing an individual of strong faith and commitment, who’s expression of her faith has created and extensive and diverse collection of work. Her creation process with a dream, vision or bible verse. Her creations begin with a vase or canvas and may take months to a year to complete. She is a perfectionist and goes to great pains to make each piece perfect. She does extensive research on each project to insure it’s biblical accuracy.She has spent years in creating her work, and it not only involves art but also books, song books, DVD’s, CD’s, and plays including the musical score. It is wonderful to be blessed with a God given talent, but to be blessed in so many areas seems like a very special blessing. Her work is detailed , flawless, and she produces outstanding works of art. I am amazed at the precision and scriptural accuracy of her work. It is my pleasure and my honor to introduce Mona Johnian the multi-talented artist of faith and commitment. She was born in Fort Payne Al and was raised in Pine Grove Al on Sand Mtn. She lived several years in Boston MA where she well known for artistry. She currently lives in Franklin Tn with her husband Paul Johnain

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