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Build your social media audience by avoiding common mistakes By Jack Nales, Marketing Specialist

There are several reasons why your social media efforts are not performing as well as they did a year ago, nor as well as you expect. While there are many suggestions on how to manage your social media, there are also several tips to help keep the audience you’ve built. A recent study of 1,000 U.S. consumers by Adobe, identifies what annoys them most about what brands are posting. Sixty percent say experiencing one of these situations would prevent them from making a purchase: #1 Content that is too wordy or poorly written is a turnoff for 39 percent of consumers. Perfection is not a feasible goal; grammatical mistakes are bound to happen, but keep in mind that consumers want easy-to-understand and digestible content.

#2 It’s critically important to ensure that your social media posts are visually appealing where possible. Poorly designed content annoys 28 percent of consumers. #3 Technology is making it increasingly easy to personalize your content, but a majority of consumers are concerned about privacy when posts get too “creepy” by being too personal. Conversely, consumers are often annoyed by posts that are not relevant to them all. Stay relevant but don’t make your marketing messages feel like you are spying on your audience. #4 Stale content strikes out with 23 percent of consumers. If your brand is the third or fourth to have shared the same piece of content, it looks lame and of lesser value. Put your own spin on shared content to freshen things up, and avoid publishing redundant promotions. Competitor mimicking your marketing? Stay focused By Annie Baggett, Agritourism Marketing Specialist If you're a creative entrepreneur and feeling annoyed because another business is mimicking your brand, photos, ideas or messaging, the bottom line is to stay focused, smile and be flattered. While it is in the best interests of all businesses to be authentic, to tell YOUR STORY and to attract customers based on what makes your business unique, copycat competitors are a reality. Your agribusiness is a reflection of you, and no one can be you, except YOU, so put on those blinders, stay true to your vision and just keep moving forward.

Learn more about copycat competitors from digital marketing strategist, Ross Simmonds, with experience spanning Fortune 500 to startup companies.

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