Nampak Report 2018

INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL INVOLVEMENT 1. FEE update a. Eco-Schools NOM (National Operators Meeting) 2018

At our 2018 Eco-Schools National Operators Meeting (NOM) in Cork, Ireland, FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) launched their 25th Anniversary (1994-2019) and came up with our responsibilities and engagements for the next 25 years! All the national operators signed the 25th Anniversary Declaration, which represents our commitment to growing from 68 countries to every country in the world. Helping and empowering young people to take positive actions for a sustainable future for all. “This declaration comes for the fact the Earth is facing many difficult and pressing issues, such as loss of biodiversity and climate change, so we want to reach every school with Education for Sustainable Development” , said Senior Director of Education at FEE, Pramod Kumar Sharma.

All the national operators attending NOM 2018

Declaration signed by national operators.


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