Nampak Report 2018

Growing Bigger, Reaching Wider We are developing and giving hands on work experience to 800 unemployed youth by means of our Blue Flag, Green Coast and other Youth Programmes.

WESSA continues to achieve significantly and with real impact by assisting as many South Africans as possible to become People Caring for the Earth . We regard ourselves as a major player in South Africa and the continent around implementing effective and impactful education programmes in the Schools and Youth sector. WESSA is a 92-year-old youthful and vibrant organisation and we are extremely proud of our rich history in South African conservation and environmental education. WESSA researches, develops and implements focused accredited and non- accredited environmental, eco- tourism, education and youth development programmes throughout South Africa. We are the sole and proud implementer of all the international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) programmes in South Africa, as well as an implementor of choice for various youth programmes on behalf of Government and the private sector. education programmes under the banners of Eco-Schools , Learning about Forests , Young Reporters for the Environment and Youth Entrepreneurship , together with our five outdoor education centres, make a critical contribution to youth development by involving the 1 036 000 learners and 41 400 teachers we reached in the past year. Our youth

Nampak - our anchor funder and partner since 2003

We have been able to introduce new additions to our programme in a deliberate and strategic response to the calls for development of 21st century skills in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution. Two new programmes launched in 2018! We have launched two new international school programmes in 2018, Young Reporters for the Environment and Learning About Forests, as well two new School Entrepreneurship programmes in our basket of offerings. This detailed report is evidence of the impactful work done in 2018 with Nampak’s support as well as developing and strengthening the WESSA Schools Programme on a strategic level, nationally and globally. As we come the end of a journey with Nampak, we can only hope that in the near future we will continue our partnership and welcome you back in the family of People Caring for the Earth. Dr Thommie Burger CEO: WESSA

We would like to acknowledge Nampak as our anchor funder and partner to the WESSA Schools and Youth Programme since 2003 . Your support over the years have made it possible for the programme to increase our national exposure and for the staff to be capacitated in delivering quality project management support to the schools registered to participate in our programme. As an NGO in the environmental sector, our sources of income remain to be challenging amidst the tough economic realities and hence the appreciation for your support. Despite the realities, our Schools and Youth Programme continues to grow into new areas aligned with the demands and contextual influences of the education system and youth sector.

Making a critical contribution to youth development


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