Nampak Report 2018

NAMPAK SUPPORT 1. Independently registered schools (IRS) Schools that are not funded by our current funders and register to the Eco-Schools programme fall under our ‘Independently Registered Schools’. For 2018 the registration fee was R1004 per school which is inclusive of the annual registration costs to FEE (Foundation of Environmental Education), our Eco-Schools toolkit, telephonic and email support, assessing of portfolios and awarding of certificates and flags. Nationally 463 Eco-Schools fell under the IRS category in 2018 with the majority being supported by the Environmental Departments in Northern Cape (DENC) and Free State (DESTEA). The Nampak National funding is used to provide the National Coordination and Provincial support for these schools. Photos:

Making items from waste and collecting bottle tops are entrenched projects at Grenville High School (NW) .

Mrs Olga Motshwanedi-Marimo from Matale Secondary School , a finalist in the school principals’ section of the National teachers award 2018 (NW).

Professor Mary Brydon-Miller , specialising in Educational Leadership, Evaluation, and Organizational Development at the University of Louisville (USA) facilitates a mapping exercise with teachers to identify socio-economic challenges in the community

Making a tyre pond for wildlife to have a water source during the hot summer. Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng (NW).


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