Customer Loyalty Newsletter - May 2019



How Bob the Waiter Got a 200,000% tip - An Article by GREGORY CIOTTI This Redditor’s husband , fresh off a root canal operation that left him unable to eat real food for days, was dy- ing for some diner fare. When he finally regained the ability to chew, his wife took him out. She was excited to celebrate his return to the land of real food. After an unusual wait, the husband and wife were finally seated next to a noisy blender at the end of the bar. Problems with the dinner service cropped up almost immediately. Their waiter—“Bob”—hurriedly took their drink orders. He didn’t ask if they were ready to order food. When they finally did, Bob brought out one of the side dishes before the entrées themselves arrived. And it was the wrong side dish.

After a few apologies and a “divine” burrito, the husband and wife were ready to pay the check and leave. When they got the check, they first thought the $0.01 listed was a mistake. Discounts are so often used as last-ditch attempts to salvage a terrible experience that we forget how powerful they can be as preventative maintenance. Restaurateur Danny Meyer, whose restaurants have consistently beat the odds in a very rough industry, talks about hospitality in terms of “good” vs. “great.” With a “good” experience at a store or restaurant, things may go fine. You may get everything you wanted precisely the way you ordered it. But it’s rare for an employee to make you feel special, like they’re on your side. That’s what Bob did here by recognizing something crucial. Few would expect a discount in this situation. And that’s precisely why the discount is so powerful. In the end, the family left Bob a $20 tip—or 200,000% of .01. Not bad for Bob!

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